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+Development resources (docs, tutorials, etc.)
Prolog language tutorial
Bloom filter by example (see also wikipedia)

After running algorithm A on a lot of data, I end up with a large list of files like


The astute observer will note that the file for algorithm A on data 0001 and 0004 are missing.

How can I get a list of all the numbers for which A didn’t succeed?

So all together this gives the following

   ls | sed '/A/{N;d;}'  #n or N read & append next line to pattern space; 
                                          #d delete pattern space and start a new cycle 

Aother examples of Sed utilities:

 sed '$!d' file #Delete all the lines except the last one ($ is last line)
 sed '$p'  file #Print only the last line

Lines from input stream are placed into the pattern space (where they can be modified)

and then pattern space is sent to output stream. The hold buffer can be used for temporary storage.

See also and

Grammaire de Van Wijngaarden
2019-02-05 15:36:39 CyberChef? Inline conversions [hashes, compress, convert, extracts, ..]
Barrier KVM software to use with different OSs
HPGL reference guide
Lots of cheatsheet
Digital Logic Simulator [nand, and, nor, resistors, etc.]
And DLS online in WEBassembly
Lots of sources [C, Java, Python, Ruby, ..] algorithms, texts, data structures, graphs, ..
Les bizarreries du langage C
Respawn ou comment garder sur son serveur la copie d'une page Web
Interactive graph theory
Minimalist guide to SQLite
Data structure visualization [sorting, queues, graphs, ..]
Computer science (Yale Edu)course: Data Structures and Programming Techniques (in C) Data Structures and Programming Techniques
Le site du zéro [700 tutoriaux CSS Socket, security, et.]
Red programming language [sucessor of Rebol]
Papers we love [lots of papers about programming]
Valgrind to verify memory problems/leaks on C sources
Portail captif with Pfsense
Netdata provides charts and graphs of server activity
data generator. Data in SQL, Excel, Perl, LDIF, CSV,..
Credit card number generator
differents solutions to program the same thing in different languages [and Hailstone sequence]
draw diagrams, charts, networks, etc. online
free programming books (some are not free)
CAO electronic inline [printed circuit design, ..]
A GUI for Radare2 disassembler
Disassembler, Radare, all platforms reverse engineering framework
Disassembler and Decompiler
RCE: Reverse engineering tools library [disassemblers, debuggers, Linux, Windows, etc.]
disassembler, graphical for ELF, PE,
online disassembler (i386, Arm, ..) (see also: wikibooks)
gdb tutorial [and example of buffer overflow]
Another Git Tutorial
Git tutorial (vidéos en français)
kukuruku site programming languages, algorithms, etc.
Personal Cloud : owncloud (instable ?), seafile, .. cozy
Encyclopedia of [software, science, politics, etc.] things considered harmful
Free Web analysis
10 articles que tout programmeur devrait lire
a GUI library in C multiarchitecture and multi platform
materiel libre [ordinateurs, OS, nourriture, cf korben]
git pdf/ebook manual
WEB based IDE and editor [needs PHP]
Oreilly books again [perl, git, html, ..]
Anciennes old versions d'applications
Anciennes old versions of skype
NOSQL database UnQLite? and JX9
99 bottles of beer in 1500 languages
license explained: GPL, FreeBSD?
Run Any App On Demand (virtual console to run app without install)
CoucHDB?, MongoDB?, NOSQL, Pragmatic programming
Informix online utilities
Github for windows [git client]
programming, administering, tips, tutorials
Jame Hague programmer blog
Computer languages benchmarks
All prog lang , multiple examples
inline programming blackboard
Tk tutorial for Perl, Ruby, Windows
Misc languages tips, wifi hotspot doc, etc.
ISO images [FreeBSD, Linux, etc.] Oslo University
Bricolage CMS [Perl CMS]
PDF search engine
Unicode Bill Poser Software [UNICODE tools]
Unicode A Programmer’s Introduction to
Unicode character table
Unicode support on FreeBSD?
Unicode and multilingual support tools and tables
MySQL5? utf8 et collation
convertir un site en UTF8
Wiki Books [computer, science, etc.]
convertir un site en UTF8 [Apache, PHP et MySql?]
MODx Content Management System [groupware]
Gimp Tutorial maj 2000
Webster Assembly programming books
Docs XML francophone
Geek tools
MathML? site
SCSI mon amour maj 2011
Sun freeware
File Extensions database
WebDAV? resources
Programmers heaven
ISO images at
Goodie Domain Service source tools
Integrated PVM support
+Development Tools, IDE, Compilers, hacks ..
Satic/statique web site generator
Free software for selfhosting
Pour les écoles, outils en ligne et sécurité vie privée
Algebra calculator inline [derivative, integrals, plot, ..]
Algebra more calculator inline [derivative, integrals, plot, ..]
Multiple boot USB creator to store multiple ISOs on USB drive
Multiple OS on a USB Key
The nim language 2018-11-15 11:05:30
Creating a QR Code step by step ion JavaScript?
Dynamic Forth interpreter compiler in WebAssembly?
Web hosting [cheap, ssh, ..]
vi editor cheat sheet
Minimal PDF file [how to write one]
blog d'un developpeur [Javascript, React, Data analysis, ..]
List of freewares for selfhosting
Hébergeur gratuit sans pub [avec CMS]
Hébergeur gratuits sans pub
infomaniak [en Suisse]
Lisp Lisp for microcontrollers [with examples]
Mezzano an OS in Lisp
Racket language
Lisp Cookbook [tips]
ressources Lisp [docs, books, tutorials, libraries, ..]
A very primer Lisp tutorial
Another Lisp [Common Lisp, SBCL] tutorial
article : Les racines de Lisp
+Outils de conversion/correction de PDF en doc/CSV, etc

+Ruby Rails
Apprendre Ruby & Rails videos
online interactive courses w videos Git, Ruby on rails, etc.
Ruby docs and tutorials
Ruby on Rails V3 tutorial
Tk tutorial for Perl, Ruby, Windows
Plusieurs site ou apprendre Ruby et Rails
Rust language cheat sheet
+SmallTalk? etc
AIDAweb Web Application for Smalltalk
Pharo tutorial pdf book
Pharo [derived from SmallTalk?]
Pharo MOOC in 7 weeks
GemStone? GemStone? 64 bits
Smalltalk/X free
Squeak home page
Free SmallTalk? books or
Pharo (free Smalltalk from INRIA) (=> Seaside)
The UIUC Smalltalk archive
+Websites that offer free courses

 Udacity NOOC: [computer languages]
 Harvard and MIT:
 English and German courses:
 Future learn:      https//
 Open U: 
 Learn new languages:
 Learn how to Code:
 courses and audio books:
 Free online courses [OS, Programming languages, ..]

 Differents cours langage, réseaux, etc.
 free computer Books [languages, alogorithms, ..]