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Desinstaller des applis avec adb
Parametres->Apropos du téléphone: taper 7 fois
le nouveaui menu "Options pour les developpeurs" apparait dans Paramètres
Se connecter en USB avec un PC (Linux) puis Activer "Debogage USB"
#apt install adb
#adb devices => un message d'erreur sur le smartphone => valider. Relancer adb devices => device apparait
voir les commandes adb sur ce site

-- Cmic 2018-08-13 10:58:47

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Et aussi

Tests sur Smartphone
Taper *#*#7378423#*#* dans le clavier du téléphone, puis dans Service Tests / proximity switch, et passer la main devant le capteur de proximité en haut à droite. Normalement en l'approchant à 2cm le mobile va biper, puis en enlevant ta main il bipera d'une manière différente.
Flutter Android SDK for Windows, Linux or Mac
Lineage OS
LineageOS? to replace Cyanogen or android
Gravity language to develop Android & Ios apps
Language and integrated development environment for Andoid on a VM.
Android Tether to connect Laptop to INternet
Une librarie Javascript pour OpenStreetmap?
an open-source JavaScript? library for mobile-friendly interactive maps

Utilisable également sur un navigateur avec un PC

Basic For Android
With a lot of functions for SMS, GPS, Sounds, etc.
Hacking d'applications Android
Merci Seb Sauvage !
Plusieurs cartes pour afficher un tracé gpx
MTB map europe, OSM, Open Map Surfer

NB: voir aussi map comparator dans le Cmic/ScrapBook

An IMSI catcher detector for Android ?
Applications on Fdroid (FOSS)
Gettind free apps without the PlayStore? :
Ghost commander to list SAMBA shares
Mobile printing [thru Windows Xp server]
Perl V5.2a on Android
Voir la page PerlDocs
Tablette Acer Iconia A510
Reparation tablette A510
diverses pieces pour Iconia A510
autres pieces détacheees Iconia A510
Diverses infos pour Mon Tel Android
installer: K9 mail, Irssi ConnectBot?, aCalendar, apk manager, Barcode Scanner, Go SMS, French for Go Keyboard, ToggleWifi?, Note Everything
Parametres reseau mobule Xperia X8. Mode reseau: WCDMA, nom des points d'acces: Orange Worls orange, APN: Orange, Proxy: undef, Port: undef, Nom utilisateur: Orange
Mot de passe: ******, Serveur: undef, MMSC: undef, Port MMS: undef, MCC: 208, MNC: 01, TYpe authent: Aucune, Type APN default, supl; Orange MMS: orange.acte; Centre de SMS: +33689004000
Configurer K9 pour
 pw: ***** (eh eh)
 imap: 3
 SSL (si dispo) port 993
 authentication: plain 
 securite TLS port 587
 Authentication: auto

Configurer K9 pour
 A faire....

Lire reddit sur Android
Rooter facile avec Framaroot
Pour bloquer la com vers des sites non desires depusi smartphone ou PC, peerBlock
Pour changer l'application par defaut associée a un fichier
Connaitre les applis qui piochent dans mes contacts
Android apk decompiler
free android apps
Android freeware
avec Google 3G+ on/off

Itineraires routes sur OSM avec OSRM

Utilisation de cartes OSM sur Android

  • Carte par région, tous pays :
    • Télécharger kla carte choisie, renommer le fichier *.php en *.zip. Dézipper -> fichier *.obf
    • installer le fichier *.obf sur la mémoire interne (non-SD) dans Android/data/net.osmand/files 2018-01-25 18:20:54

NB: Voir aussi l'application pour Android > 2.3.Moins gourmande que Osmand, cartes gratuites, etc..

  • installer [Osmand] sur le tel Android.

  • recup de la carte de lisbonne sur:

  • recup du logiciel OsmandMapCreator?

  • run OsmandMapcreator?, charger la carte Lissabon.osm (c'est relativement long... )

  1. In order to create your own Vector Maps (if needed, please be aware of the pre-fabricated global country maps!), please use OsmAndMapCreator?. As the source data you will need an .osm vector file, or osm.bz2, or .pbf. You can e.g. download these OSM files from Geofabrik. You can create an OsmAnd? vector map from the whole file or for selected area only (File menu). Before converting the file you can use the checkboxes to select in what kind of indexes you are interested in in order to save application memory. After loading just press generating indexes, wait some hours, and transfer the .obf file to the sdcard of your device in the folder osmand.
  2. You can also convert your own maps from different formats (.shp ESRI shape files, .mp Polish format and other GIS formats) to .osm files and hen convert them with OsmAndMapTileCreator?. There are a lot of ways to get your files in .osm format. One popular way to do that is by converting them first to Google KML format. A good tool to get KML format is QGIS or QantumGis?. If you have the .KML file you can use GPS Babel to make .osm files. You can convert POI's in this way, but also complete vector maps with (poly)lines, points and polygons or area's.
  3. See also Using KML Files.
  4. See also Creating Customized Vector Data
  5. You can prepare a raster map database in .sqlite format using OsmAndMapCreator? from Downloads. You can put a lot of map types in this format, like Google Maps, OSM. Using OsmAndMapTileCreator?: Select an area by left dragging, choose the map source, click preload tiles and select the zoom levels you want to preload. The tiles/indexes will be saved in working directory that is visible at the application status bar. After that, click Menu, Source of tiles, Create sqlite database. Now you have 1 compact file where all the downloaded images are stored. Transfer it to your device into the osmand\tiles folder. To display tile maps in OsmAnd?, please enbale the Online maps plugin. With menu option: Source of tiles > User Defined, you can also view popular online tile maps from the internet.
  6. You can prepare map tiles using TrekBuddyAtlasCreator? saving to Maverick format. As always, storing tile maps takes a lot of space compared to vector maps.

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