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Books :
2019-01-25 16:02:37 Learning Rperl [faster Perl]
Masterinfg Perl By Brian D.Foy
Oreilly CD bookshelf [Perl book]
Articles Perl parus dans Linux Mag [LWP::]
Perl6 Bible [see synopses]
OReilly OpenBooks? [Perl CGI Book]
OReilly OnLamp?
Doc Perl en francais [html, pdf]

Other :

Perl Online obfuscator
Perl tricks & news
useful one-line oneliners scripts
Annuaire de scripts Perl
Perl v5.20 on Android
grep and search code on CPAN
Plack PGSI and Frameworks to build web sites
see also introduction to Plack
GitPrep?: a GitHub? clone in Perl for Linux/Unix?
Perl secret operators
Discussion: Array vs list in Perl 2014-01-03 21:40:48
Some tutorials [grep, map, push, pack, ..]
Perl framework Majolicious
Perl framework Plack & PSGI
An index to The Perl Journal articles on Dr. Dobbs
The Perl Review
Interactive Twitter in Perl and archives
UNICODE Conf by Chritansen:
XML modules comparison
Perl Design Patterns Wiki
Robot Perl avec Mechanize

regex regular expression:

regex better performance with NFA
"How regex engine works" article by M.J. Dominus
Regexp syntax summary [comparison for grep, egrep, emacs, perl, ..]
regex online testing
regex online testing

RecDescent? tutorial
PerlGuts? illustrated (Perl internals)
HTML::Template tutorial
Intro. programmation en Perl
Creer une distribution pour le CPAN
Drawing graphs in real-time
Perl references tutorial
Perl/Tk? tutorial
Perl/Tk? tutorial
Howto translate programs from Perl 5 to Perl
Perl guts illustrated
Jason Dominus Perl Paraphernalia [tutorials, regexp, ..]
PTAV [Perl Threaded Article Viewer]
Perl Currying
Bin distrib of Apache/Perl?/Modperl? for Win32
Paris Perl Mongueur(euses)
R.L. Schwartz Perl columns
WAIT the great CPAN engine
Doc en ligne Perl en francais [Enstimac]
ActiveState? Perl
PerlDoc? [in english]
Perl/Tk? Tk widget for Perl
Perl FileUpload? module
CGI resources: Perl scripts
Perl-gratuit : docs and tutorials [in french]
Perl for Win32
Bribes de Perl [docs, tutsorial en francais]

Perl 6 operators
Perl 6 a video tutorila to discover Perl 6
Perl 6 documentation [grammar, types, methods, examples]
Perl 6 les regex et la grammaire
Perl 6 versus Perl 5 differences
Perl 6 for Perl5 programmers