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Modifié: 3,4c3
:2019-01-25 16:02:37 Learning Rperl [faster Perl]
:Masterinfg Perl By Brian D.Foy
:Learning Rperl [faster Perl]

Effacé: 9,10d7
:OReilly OnLamp?
:Doc Perl en francais [html, pdf]

Effacé: 14d10
:Perl tricks & news

Effacé: 16d11
:Annuaire de scripts Perl

Effacé: 19,20d13
:Plack PGSI and Frameworks to build web sites
::see also introduction to Plack

Modifié: 23,26c16,18
:Discussion: Array vs list in Perl 2014-01-03 21:40:48
:Some tutorials [grep, map, push, pack, ..]
:Perl framework Majolicious
:Perl framework Plack & PSGI
:Majolicious Perl Framework
:Plack introduction
:Plack & PSGI Perl framework

Effacé: 28,32d19
:The Perl Review
:Interactive Twitter in Perl and archives
:XML modules comparison
:Perl Design Patterns Wiki

Effacé: 44,46d30
:PerlGuts? illustrated (Perl internals)
:HTML::Template tutorial
:Intro. programmation en Perl

Modifié: 50,54c34
:Perl/Tk? tutorial
:Perl/Tk? tutorial
:Howto translate programs from Perl 5 to Perl
:Perl guts illustrated
:Perl SNMP
:Perl guts illustrated

Effacé: 56d35
:PTAV [Perl Threaded Article Viewer]

Effacé: 59d37
:Bin distrib of Apache/Perl?/Modperl? for Win32

Effacé: 64d41
:Doc en ligne Perl en francais [Enstimac]

Effacé: 66,67d42
:PerlDoc? [in english]
:Perl/Tk? Tk widget for Perl

Modifié: 71,72c46
:Perl for Win32
:Bribes de Perl [docs, tutsorial en francais]
:Bribes de Perl [docs, tutorial en francais]

Books :
Learning Rperl [faster Perl]
Oreilly CD bookshelf [Perl book]
Articles Perl parus dans Linux Mag [LWP::]
Perl6 Bible [see synopses]
OReilly OpenBooks? [Perl CGI Book]

Other :

Perl Online obfuscator
useful one-line oneliners scripts
Perl v5.20 on Android
grep and search code on CPAN
GitPrep?: a GitHub? clone in Perl for Linux/Unix?
Perl secret operators
Majolicious Perl Framework
Plack introduction
Plack & PSGI Perl framework
An index to The Perl Journal articles on Dr. Dobbs
Robot Perl avec Mechanize

regex regular expression:

regex better performance with NFA
"How regex engine works" article by M.J. Dominus
Regexp syntax summary [comparison for grep, egrep, emacs, perl, ..]
regex online testing
regex online testing


Creer une distribution pour le CPAN
Drawing graphs in real-time
Perl references tutorial
Perl guts illustrated
Jason Dominus Perl Paraphernalia [tutorials, regexp, ..]
Perl Currying
Paris Perl Mongueur(euses)
R.L. Schwartz Perl columns
WAIT the great CPAN engine
ActiveState? Perl
Perl FileUpload? module
CGI resources: Perl scripts
Perl-gratuit : docs and tutorials [in french]
Bribes de Perl [docs, tutorial en francais]

Perl 6 operators
Perl 6 a video tutorila to discover Perl 6
Perl 6 documentation [grammar, types, methods, examples]
Perl 6 les regex et la grammaire
Perl 6 versus Perl 5 differences
Perl 6 for Perl5 programmers