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:GIT sources of virus, backdoors, fishing, trojans, etc.

Concernant la sécurité. Aspects blacks, white, Forensics, etc...

+Advisories, news and articles
Example of fishing w/ sources on Microsoft and NSA http:/BT/
Articles & analysis [security, privacy, https, etc]
What Google knows about you and what to deactivate
XMCO Acus security PDF magazines issues 2017-10-15 10:48:56
What is IME (Intel Management Engine) and how to disable it's_EFI_Install_Guide/Disabling_the_Intel_Management_Engine#cite_note-2
Security news, analysis, malware, activism, hacking, etc.
Rakos underwLinux vulnerability analysed
Fast-flux article in
rgod advisories and exploits
OpenBSD? & FreeBSD? vulnerabilities
Net-security advisories & vulnerabilies
Security/Linux?/Network? Forums [login/passwd]
Security Focus
Advisories & tools (Retina, Iris, ...)
Microsoft security site
news, tools, exploits
ISS site

Backdoors !



GIT sources of virus, backdoors, fishing, trojans, etc.
Poison Tap to access network of a locked PC
Trap to track users on Internet (lure them) ;
..puis utilisation de ngrok pour partager le lien généré par trape sur Internet. Ngrok utile pour partager sur internet unre url en cours de developement. voir aussi un article
Google dorking and hacking tools
getting login password under windows shares w/ mimikatz
Bettercap modular, portable, extensible MITM
Morpheus to test MITM (Man In The Middle) attacks
Exploits database w source, shellcode, papers, etc.
Venom shell code generator for metasploit
WannaCry? and metasploit
Smashing the stack with Metasploit tutorial
maj 2016-08-09 18:42:25
Syscall Hijacking: Kernel Linux 2.6.* systems
Exploit database [remote & local, papers, google hacking db, ..]
Samy Kamar hacks, hijacks etc.
Creating A Truley Invisible PHP Shell
Shellcode to reverse binding using netcat
mempodipper exploit thru SUID bit
Phrack magazine complete view of internet
Shodan scans the Web for connected devices [wecam, routers, switches, ..] (or
To search for C&C sites with Shodan: type category:malware in the search bar.
To install shodan client (command line tool), install shodan client, a module for Python
Google hacking database to find names, passwords secret files
Hash length extension attack
Windows debugging a trojan, see here
MySQL? injection, pillager, video cam access
Bypassing techniques
LSD PlaNet?
Malware [malicious software]
SQL Injection
Cult of The Dead Cow
Attrition [lots of DOS]
Linux Grill [kernels, IPRoute]
Index of Trojans Software art & funny tricks
13 chars forkbomb
w00w00Trojans and DOS [oldies]
Current and archived exploits
Cipher site, hacking, articles
Ban IP by country
Crowdsec (fail2ban like, for Linux, FreeBSD?)
NFTables commented examples
Free firewalls [software] for WIndows
Another iproute and iptables tutorial
Advanced features of IpTables?
Firewalling with OpenBSD? and PF
Voir aussi dans Misc Network concernant PF et CARP et pfsync²
Iptables Didacticiel
Contournement de firewall [wsh, Active Port Forwarder]
Iptables Tutorial [NAT]
Config de IPtables avec Webmin
FreeSCO? firewall
Astaro AG linux based
Netfilter/Iptables? docs
IpFilter? FreeBSD? firewall
Lighting firewall
What is the difference between reject and deny ?
Clavister firewall & VPN Gateway
CERIA security archive at purdue univ.
+Forensics tools and IDS
Nouveau blog d'un expert judiciaire
Ancien blog d'un expert judiciaire
Verification d'e l'origine d'images [sur Internet par ex.]
Reverse Image Search w/ Tineye
Use of Russian browser Yandex to search iamges
MediCAT? boot dvd/USB (replaces Hiren) tools to repair windows
XSS beginner's guide
2016-03-20 22:19:31
opengates to reuse a windows harddisk on another computer
blockdev to unlock read-only discs by adressing the device ioctls
xmount command to mount an image on virtual machine
forensics linux tools (with Sleuth & Dart)
Kali penetration testing forensics and security auditing
setoolkit to clone a website in kali
Hiren boot cdrom for windows (obsolete): tools to repair windows
Zenk files: tutorials and docs about hacking & security & forensics
Zenk Wiki: forensics and other hacks
Autopsy forensics tool: an Interface for Sleuth kit
Maltego forensics tools [DNS, social networks, whois, ..]
Tools & tutorials XSS
Attack, forensics, scan, etc.
A real forensics example
Linux Forensics tools on a cdrom
Intrusion detection 101
Common intrusion detection framework
The Coroner Toolkit and other tools
ACID PHP engine
[lame] Lance Spitzner page
FIRE [forensics tools on a CD]
Nikto Web scanner, default password list
The snort page
+ShellShock? etc.
Quelques infos pertinentes (ou pas)

Inside Shellshock: How hackers are using it to exploit systems
+Webcams, VNC and security
Open VNC sites [w/o passwd ?]
public with weak passwd admin:admin or admin:12345
nmap and privilege escalation
Ethical hacking, malware analysis, etc.
Infection Monkey: Breach and attack simulation on a LAN
List of pentesting tools
ssh honeypots [many other articles]
ssh tarpit
A landscape of ssh Linux backdoors
portspoof to lure pirates on (fake) open ports
C99 webshell in php [WARNING : has a backdoor !!]
List of backdoor free webshells [but with http calls to Internet..]
Arachni :Web Application Security scanner/crawler
Exposés, forensics, outils d'analyse, de SEO, etc.
Creating a zipbomb to defend against black hat hackers

+redirecting ssh attacks to the sender

  Si l'attaquant a un serveur ssh :
  socat -d -d TCP-L:22,reuseaddr,fork SYSTEM:"nc \$SOCAT_PEERADDR 22"
  FIXME : insérer dans iptables pour automatiser.

BT3 tool defense
Qubes OS : a relly secure OS based on Xen
Configuring Server Side TLS. Explains what to use, for what service, how it works
OpenPGP? best practices. VPN, security
ZMap and ZGrab to scan the entire Internet
DNS : not just names [CSS, Pentesting with DNS]
About secured salted password hashing
Chaos Computer Club video about X11 security
binary analysis of Windows PE, Android APK
network tools for Unix windows security [nessus]
Tails: a live OS to preserve anonimity [uses tor]
docs security black & white [hacks, network, tutorials, .. ]
Lots of security utilities for Windows [anti rootkit, spyware, malware, ..]
About disk wiping erasing
Linux Apache backdoor linux/Corked?
Zalewski site security, tools
Postcard from XSS world
From SQL injection to shell Pentesterlab
lots of exercises of security
Security, PHP and more
Blog de Da Silva [sécurity]
Database of loss databases
PHP local session poisoning
Samhain site [securing against rootkits]
AbsynteSQL? injection tool [sql injection]
Attack, crack, forensics, scan tools
HTML Code injection and Cros Side Scripting
Switch sniff [ARP flooding]
Gorilla Design Studio [block by localhost]
Iframe exploit internals
[lame] PHoss Protocol sniffer, default passwd DB,
A HUGE security archive Uptodate advisories)
security forums
Net::Packet::Shell perl module is like Scapy
Many RPC scan & test tools
The secure shell FAQ
SSH frequently asked questions
Open Antivirus project
The Cyphepunks Home page (CSUA Berkeley)
The Stanford SRP authentication project
verifié ci-dessous 2018-12-11 12:21:57
Dave Dittrich home page (DDOS)
NSA SElinux
Defacement list, advisories
Gibson security page
ATT paper on cryptography
Engage security
Kerberos papers and documentations
Ian Jackson usrv : userv client and server
Threats to your security on Internet (how to remove trojans)
Tempest (1999 legal issues)
Av ira Antivirus personal edition
The metaesploit project
Surf attack information
NTSecurity nu
Secure IOS template
AVG free antivirus