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From Freecode, ex Freshmeat...

+BITNAMI RUBYSTACK 2.0-1 2010-12-13T12:12:12
Project Tags: Internet, Web, HTTP Servers, Software Development, Libraries, Ruby Modules, Installation/Setup?, Software Distribution, Systems Administration

Description: BitNami? RubyStack? provides a fast, easy way to develop and deploy Ruby on Rails applications. It includes Ruby, Subversion, MySQL?, SQLite, ImageMagick?, and several Ruby Gems, and will optionally install Apache 2.2 with rewrite and proxy support. It supports Windows, Linux, and OS X, so you can share the same Rails environment on multiple platforms.

Changes: The tcmalloc extension was removed. A readline issue on Mac OS X was fixed. Subversion Ruby bindings were added. mod_perl 2.0.4 was added. Ruby was updated to 1.8.7-p174 on Windows, Subversion to 1.6.6, Rails to 2.3.5, ActionMailer? to 2.3.5, ActionPack? to 2.3.5, ActiveRecord? to 2.3.5, ActiveResource? to 2.3.5, and ActiveSupport? to 2.3.5. The JSON 1.2.0 gem was added.

Release Tags: Major feature enhancements License: Apache 2.0


Project Tags: Archiving, Security, Cryptography, backup, Compression, Packaging

Description: PeaZip? is a cross platform, desktop neutral file and archive manager with strong encryption features (up to AES256). It has full support for: 7Z, 7Z-sfx, ARC/WRC, BZ2/TBZ2, GZ/TGZ, PAQ/LPAQ, PEA, QUAD/BALZ, split, TAR, UPX, and ZIP. It can open, browse, extract, and test: ACE, ARJ, CAB, CHM, COMPOUND (MSI, DOC, XLS, PPT), CPIO, ISO, Java (JAR, EAR, WAR), Linux (DEB, PET/PUP, RPM, SLP), LHA/LZH, LZMA, NSIS, OOo, PAK/PK3/PK4, RAR, SMZIP, U3P, WIM, XPI, and Z/TZ. It can split/join files, securely delete files, compare, checksum, and hash files, benchmark systems, generate random passwords and keyfiles, and bookmark files and paths.

Changes: The file manager was improved. The FreeArc? and UPX backend binaries were updated.

Release Tags: GUI, Major, Beta License: LGPL


Project Tags: Scientific/Engineering?, Mathematics, Visualization

Description: QtiPlot? is a clone of Origin for data analysis and scientific plotting.

Changes: Data can be easily imported from Excel workbooks (.xls files) and from Open Document Format spreadsheets (.ods files). Lowess data smoothing was added. QtiPlot? now recognizes a lot of fundamental constants: the user can type pi, Pi, e, c, h, hbar, k, Na, g, and others in a spin box and the constant is automatically calculated. Syntax highlighting, automatic completion, and find/replace support were added to all formula editor dialogs.

Release Tags: feature additions, Bug fixes

+COCCIGREP 1.5 2011-11-04 10:02:11

Project Tags: grep, code analysis

Description: Coccigrep is a semantic grep for the C language. It can be used to find where in code files a given structure is used or where one of its attributes is used, set, or used in a test.

Release Notes: This release features a new option to specify a file containing the list of files to search in. It also contains an improved version of the set match which now takes all C operators into account.

Release Tags: Major License: GPLv3


Project Tags: Systems Administration

Description: Mussh is a shell script that allows you to execute a command or script over SSH on multiple hosts with one command. When possible, it will use ssh-agent and RSA/DSA keys to minimize the need to enter your password more than once.

Release Notes: Minor bugfixes, broader compatibility, and speed increases.

License: GPL

+PIEDOCK 1.4.2

Project Tags: Desktop Environment, tools, Window Manager, Blackbox, Fluxbox, dock, Taskbar, XFCE, GNOME, KDE

Description: PieDock? is a task bar in the shape of a pie menu that appears directly around your mouse cursor. It feels a little bit like the Mac OS X dock but in a circular shape.

Release Notes: A problem where sticky menu items were not using the icon from the window manager was fixed.

License: MIT/X


Project Tags: Android, remote control, Wake On LAN

Description: Remote Launcher is an easy to use tool that enables you to launch applications remotely on your PC via your Android device with a single click. It can also be used to start your PC up, even if it is turned off, with the built in support for Wake On LAN. It consists of an Android app and a small server program for your PC. You can configure Remote Launcher to start any application on your PC. For example, it can start your mediacenter, shutdown or restart the computer, or run a custom script.

Release Notes: This release adds an option for text only widgets.

Release Tags: Stable, Minor, feature License: Proprietary

+TOR-RAMDISK 20111103

Project Tags: Internet, Communications, Proxy Servers, Security, Operating Systems, Linux Distributions, Networking

Description: Tor-ramdisk is a uClibc-based micro Linux distribution whose only purpose is to host a Tor server in an environment that maximizes security and privacy. Tor is a network of virtual tunnels that allows people and groups to improve their privacy and security on the Internet. Security is enhanced in tor-ramdisk by employing a monolithically compiled GRSEC/PAX patched kernel and hardened system tools. Privacy is enhanced by turning off logging at all levels so that even the Tor operator only has access to minimal information. Finally, since everything runs in ephemeral memory, no information survives a reboot, except for the Tor configuration file and the private RSA key, which may be exported and imported by FTP or SSH.

Release Notes: This release incorporates a critical fix from upstream. It is recommended that users upgrade as soon as possible. Tor was bumped to version, libevent to 2.0.15, and the kernel to plus Gentoo's hardened-patches 2.6.32-74.extras.

Release Tags: Major bugfixes, x86, x86-64, MIPS License: GPLv3

+DOKUWIKI RC2011-11-10 2011-11-19 14:03:58

Project Tags: Text Processing, Markup, HTML/XHTML, Software Development, Documentation, Information Management, Document Repositories, Internet, Web, Dynamic Content, Wiki

Description: DokuWiki? is a standards-compliant, simple-to-use Wiki mainly aimed at creating documentation of any kind. It is targeted at developer teams, workgroups, and small companies. It has a simple but powerful syntax which makes sure the datafiles remain readable outside the Wiki, and eases the creation of structured texts. All data is stored in plain text files, so no database is needed

Release Notes: This release features version handling of media files, just like pages. Old versions are saved, and the change history is available in “recent changes” list as well as in RSS. A new media manager with drag and drop support. The plugin and template developer can now also enjoy using the power of jQuery.

Release Tags: Major feature enhancements, Release Candidate License: GPLv2

+VISIT 2.4.0

Project Tags: Scientific/Engineering?, Visualization, Mathematics, multimedia, Graphics, 3D Rendering

Description: VisIt? is an interactive parallel visualization and graphical analysis tool for viewing scientific data. Users can quickly generate visualizations from their data, animate them through time, manipulate them, and save the resulting images for presentations. VisIt? contains a rich set of visualization features so that you can view your data in a variety of ways. It can be used to visualize scalar and vector fields defined on two- and three-dimensional (2D and 3D) structured and unstructured meshes. It was designed to interactively handle very large data set sizes in the terascale range, and works well down to small data sets in the kilobyte range.

Release Notes: This version contains many enhancements and bugfixes. It was upgraded to VTK 5.8.0. Windows distributions now contain a parallel compute engine based on MSMPI. Cumulative query selections were enhanced so they can cache intermediate results obtained from executing filters over time. Queries provide a more uniform interface in the Python interface. 2D multi-resolution rendering capability was added for 2D AMR data. The Streamline plot now works with AMR data. Libsim now allows mesh-sized ghost zone arrays to be used.


Project Tags: Software Development, Version Control

Description: Bazaar is a simple decentralized revision control system. Decentralized revision control systems give users the ability to branch remote repositories to a local context. Users can commit to local branches without requiring special permission from the branches that they branched from.

Release Notes: This beta contains fixes for all known bugs, including fixes made for previous stable releases. It includes log options for "push" and "pull", more UI polish for co-located branches, a better and more coherent implementation for UI dialogs, enhancements to the config framework, and more.

Release Tags: Beta, Bugfixes License: GPL


Project Tags:

Description: TexMaths? is an add-on designed to provide LaTeX? support in LibreOffice?. LaTeX? equations can be inserted as images (SVG or PNG formats), and the LaTeX? code is saved into the image attribute for further editing.

Release Notes: This release improves the equation selection usability. It also adds a Text to LaTeX? feature for Writer and buttons to resize the main dialog. The number equation feature was also improved, and some critical bugs were fixed.

License: GPL

+ZEN LOAD BALANCER 2RC1 2011-11-22 21:23:58

Project Tags: load balancing

Description: Zen is a distribution based on Debian to create an appliance for TCP load balancing. You can check the status of backends with custom scripts, creating a zen active/passive cluster for high availability, monitoring server status with rrd, viewing advanced information of TCP farms, easily performing administration via an HTTPS GUI, configuration of vlanes, advanced table route configuration, and much more.

Release Notes: This release adds profiles (tcp, udp, http, https), TCP kernel tuning, management of SSL certificates for https profiles, and a better CSS look.

License: GPLv3

+GETXBOOK 0.6.1 2011-11-23 09:18:20

Project Tags: books, download, google books, Amazon, barnes and noble, downloader, OCR

Description: getxbook is a collection of tools to download books from Websites. There are tools to download from Google Books' "book preview", Amazon's "look inside the book", and Barnes and Noble's "book viewer". There is an optional GUI written in Tcl/Tk?, and some shell scripts using OCR to create plain text or searchable PDFs from the downloaded books.

Release Notes: getgbook has been made significantly more reliable.

License: ISC

+S3QL 1.7 2011-12-01 21:45:05

Project Tags: FUSE, Compression, File system, backup, storage, encrypted backup, encryption, de-duplication

Description: S3QL is a file system that stores all its data online. It supports Amazon S3 as well as arbitrary SFTP servers and effectively provides you with a hard disk of dynamic, infinite capacity that can be accessed from any computer with Internet access. S3QL provides a standard, full featured Unix file system that is conceptually indistinguishable from any local file system. Furthermore, S3QL has additional features like compression, encryption, data de-duplication, immutable trees, and snapshotting, which make it especially suitable for online backup and archiving. S3QL is designed to favor simplicity and elegance over performance and feature-creep. Care has been taken to make the source code as readable and serviceable as possible. Solid error detection and error handling have been included from the very first line, and S3QL comes with extensive automated test cases for all its components.

Release Notes: Metadata is now stored in a custom, delta-encoded binary format, and inodes are assigned sequentially and not reused. This makes S3QL fully NFS-compatible. s3qlcp now also copies extended attributes and no longer generates incorrect block reference counts when copying a file which has identical blocks. This release eliminates a race condition in s3qlcp. When copying a file with s3qlcp immediately after it was modified or created, it was possible that s3qlcp would copy the new file attributes but the old data blocks.

Release Tags: Stable License: GPLv3

+SSLH 1.10

Project Tags: Networking, Firewalls, Internet, Proxy Servers

Description: sslh accepts HTTPS, SSH, OpenVPN?, tinc, and XMPP connections on the same port. This makes it possible to connect to any of these servers on port 443 (e.g., from inside a corporate firewall, which almost never blocks port 443) while still serving HTTPS on that port.

Release Notes: This release now works with FreeBSD? and supports XMPP. It will try target addresses in turn until one works if there are several (e.g., "localhost:22" resolves to an IPv6 address and an IPv4 address and sshd does not listen on IPv6). sslh-fork has been fixed so that killing the head process kills the listener processes. This release introduces a better test suite.

License: GPL


Project Tags: OCR

Description: OCRKit uses OCR to recognize the text in a graphic, which is particular useful for PDFs received via email, created by DTP, office applications, or images obtained from a scanner, copier, or digital still camera.

Release Notes: This release improves recognition of Typewriter text, retention of certain font families in PDF and HTML, text positioning accuracy in PDF, and stability. There are many other improvements.

Release Tags: Major, Stable License: Other

+VEUSZ 1.14

Project Tags: Scientific/Engineering?, Visualization

Description: Veusz is a scientific plotting package, designed to create publication-ready Postscript, PDF, or SVG output. It features an easy to use graphical interface as well as a command line interface and can be scripted or embedded in Python scripts. Graphs are constructed in a modular fashion from separate components. Datasets can be interactively modified or created from within the program.

Release Notes: This release includes an interactive tutorial. The data plotting widget can now color data points according to another dataset. The CSV import is much improved, allowing European numerical formats and different date formats. Datasets can now be copy, pasted, or imported from the clipboard. The size of SVG exported files has been greatly reduced. The axis widget can have its range interactively changed, and its minimum and maximum can be specified in date-time format. In addition, there have been several other minor improvements and bugfixes.

License: GPL


Project Tags: music, Audio, Multimedia Applications, Sound Synthesis

Description: din is a software musical instrument and audio synthesizer. Bezier curves are used to draw and sculpt waveforms, create gating and modulation (FM and AM) patterns, and create delay feedback and volume patterns. You can also create an unlimited number of drones and sculpt their waveforms. It uses JACK to output audio, and supports MIDI, OSC and IRC bot for input. din can be extended and customized with Tcl scripts.

Release Notes: The initial size of boxes in keyboard-keyboard is constant irrespective of note volume. A new variable delta_time, used for changing attack_time and decay_time, has been added. A live distribution (.iso file) for booting din on any PC has been added.

Release Tags: Minor License: GPL v2


Project Tags: Networking

Description: ebtables program is a filtering tool for a bridging firewall. The filtering is focused on the Link Layer Ethernet frame fields. Apart from filtering, it also gives the ability to alter Ethernet MAC addresses and implement a brouter.

Release Notes: The previous release still had a bug with byte-/packet counters, which is now fully addressed.

Release Tags: minor bug fixes License: GPL

+PEDSIM 2.1 2012-01-22 17:59:14

Project Tags: Games/Entertainment?, Simulation, Graphics, 3D Modeling, Artificial Intelligence, Scientific Computing

Description: PEDSIM is a microscopic pedestrian crowd simulation system. The PEDSIM library allows you to use pedestrian dynamics in your own software. Based on pure C++/STL without additional packages, it runs virtually on every operating system. The PEDSIM Demo Application gives you a quick overview of the capabilities, and is a starting point for your own experiments. PEDSIM is suitable for use in crowd simulations (e.g. indoor evacuation simulation, large scale outdoor simulations), where one is interested in output like pedestrian density or evacuation time. Since the quality of the individual agent's trajectory is high, PEDSIM can be used for creating massive pedestrian crowds in movies.

Release Notes: The PEDSIM project was separated into a library and a demo application. The library (libpedsim) can now be used to include pedestrian dynamics into any user application. The demo application can be used for small pedestrian studies, and serves as an example about how to use libpedsim.

Release Tags: library/app separation License: GPL, Commercial


Project Tags: IDS, IPS, Network Analysis, Security, snort, IPv4, IPv6

Description: Suricata is a network intrusion detection and prevention engine developed by the Open Information Security Foundation and its supporting vendors. The engine is multi-threaded and has native IPv6 support. It's capable of loading existing Snort rules and signatures and supports the Barnyard and Barnyard2 tools.

Release Notes: Writing of malformed unified2 log records was fixed. TCP timeout handling was improved.

Release Tags: Major bugfixes License: GPLv2

+WIKIUP 1.2.3 2012-01-25 08:00:03

Project Tags: foswiki, twiki, perl5

Description: wikiup is a commandline utility which uploads files (as attachments to topics) to remote Foswiki or TWiki sites. It makes it easy to batch upload multiple files with a single command or automate uploads via cron jobs or as part of a workflow.

Release Notes: Initial freecode release.

License: GPLv3

+MAGIC BOOT USB 2012-02-04 2012-02-10 14:59:45

Project Tags: Linux, usb boot

Description: The MagicBootUSB? bootable image makes it possible to boot Linux systems from a USB storage device even on computers whose BIOS do not support USB booting. It will always load the correct kernel and initrd from the USB disk; it does not need to be changed for running different kernel versions or systems.

Release Notes: In this release, a feature has been added to drop into a shell if the "c" key is pressed. btrfs on the boot partition is now supported. The updated binary image is based on a new kernel version, 3.2.4.

License: GPL


Project Tags: Networking, Firewalls, Security, Operating Systems, Linux Distributions, CD-Based

Description: Devil-Linux is a special secure Linux distribution which is used for firewalls, routers, gateways, and servers. The goal of Devil-Linux is to have a small, customizable, and secure Linux system. Configuration is saved on a floppy disk or USB stick, and it has several optional packages. Devil-Linux boots from CD, but can be stored on CF cards or USB sticks.

Release Notes: This release bring the Linux kernel 3.2.4, MySQL? 5.5.20, fixes to reported issues, and many other updates.

License: GPL

+ABCMIDI 20120205

Project Tags: multimedia, Sound/Audio?, Conversion

Description: The abcMIDI suite consists of programs for turning ABC music files into MIDI and vice versa, typesetting them as PostScript? files, and manipulate them in several ways.

Release Notes: This release extended the %%MIDI chordname command to handle up to 10 notes. A makefile.w32 was added.

License: GPL


Project Tags: Office/Business?, groupware, Internet, Web, Site Management

Description: AjaXplorer? is an easy-to-install file explorer for remotely managing files on a Web server. Its rich GUI makes it accessible to any end-user. Its main features are common file actions (uploading, downloading, moving, renaming, etc.), online file editing, image preview, a bookmarks system, and more. It requires PHP to run and FTP access only for installation.

Release Notes: This fixes a security issue that could lead to unauthorized access to .txt files on the server; upgrading is highly recommended. Many other bugs are fixed as well.

Release Tags: Security, Bugfixes

+CURA 0.3.0 (CORRECTION) 2012-02-27 12:01:21

Project Tags: Open-Source, Linux Kernel, Android, terminal emulator, System Administration, nmap, Geolocation, Java 1.6, Remote Access

Description: Cura is a mobile phone application based on the Android platform. It is a bundle of remote systems administration tools targeted mainly at sysadmins. When in the hands of a sysadmin, Cura will provide a personal terminal emulator with full Bash (bourne-again shell) capabilities. It puts ready-made commands a button away (ssh, top, uname, uptime, cat /proc/cpuinfo, dmidecode, etc.). It gives you access to the most powerful port/vulnerability-scanning and penetration-testing tools (Nessus, Nmap, and Wireshark). It has machine log-monitoring featuring Geo-location and log-to-SMS subscription capabilities. It provides personal communication/sharing space between colleagues.

Release Notes: This release adds to the main Login screen so that Cura now has three modules implemented: The Terminal, SysMonitor?, and SysLog?. The terminal runs as exec() and not as a shell, meaning that you won't be able to run commands like "top" or "watch", but you will be able to run almost everything else, and there's now a Favorite Commands menu item. SysMonitor? offers a graph chart showing CPU usage and Memory consumption. SysLog? offers the ability to Head or Tail a logfile from the list of syslog logfiles, either as a standard 10-line dump or according to a specified number of lines.

License: AGPL v3


Project Tags: Asset management, data center, rackspace

Description: RackTables? is a tool to manage tens of racks, hundreds of servers, and thousands of MAC and IP addresses. It will work with a single rack as well. It features a real-life rackspace model, typed rack objects with flexible attribute sets, a tagging system, IP address management ready for NAT, virtual routers and load balancers, accurate network connection handling, a universal search function, a multi-user access model, and an extensible dictionary.

Release Notes: This maintenance release features improvements in SNMP (fixes for APC PDUs and NetGear?, and better coverage of various switches). It also improves Cacti integration, fixes a database foreign key issue, catches more errors when uploading files, supports changing the cable ID without deleting and re-adding the link, and has various user interface tweaks. It also introduces support for SVG and the TLS LDAP authentication option.

Release Tags: Minor bugfixes and enhancements License: GPLv2

+SYSSTAT 10.0.4 2012-03-09 10:44:41

Project Tags: Monitoring, Systems Administration

Description: The sysstat package contains the sar, sadf, iostat, nfsiostat, cifsiostat, mpstat, and pidstat commands for Linux. The sar command collects and reports system activity information. The statistics reported by sar concern I/O transfer rates, paging activity, process-related activites, interrupts, network activity, memory and swap space utilization, CPU utilization, kernel activities, and TTY statistics, among others. The sadf command may be used to display data collected by sar in various formats. The iostat command reports CPU statistics and I/O statistics for tty devices and disks. The pidstat command reports statistics for Linux processes. The mpstat command reports global and per-processor statistics. The nfsiostat command reports I/O statistics for network filesystems. The cifsiostat command reports I/O statistics for CIFS filesystems.

Release Notes: Virtual devices are no longer taken into account in sar -b results. iostat can now display target device information when a symbolic link is specified as a parameter. The option --disable-stripping has been added to the configure script. A Serbian translation has been added.

Release Tags: Minor bugfixes, Minor feature enhancements License: GPL

+TINC 1.0.17

Project Tags: Security, Networking

Description: tinc is a Virtual Private Network (VPN) daemon that uses tunneling and encryption to create a secure private network between multiple hosts on the Internet. This tunneling allows VPN sites to share information with each other over the Internet without exposing any information.

Release Notes: The DeviceType? option can now be used to select dummy, raw socket, UML, and VDE devices without needing to recompile tinc. Multiple BindToAddress? statements are now allowed. The TTL value of IPv4 and IPv6 packets is decremented. The LocalDiscovery? option has been added, allowing tinc to detect peers which are behind the same NAT. Subnets passed with the -o option when StrictSubnets? = yes are now accepted. Disabling old RSA keys when generating new ones now also works properly on Windows.

Release Tags: Minor bugfixes, minor feature updates License: GPL

+HAPROXY 1.4.20

Project Tags: Networking, Internet, Web

Description: HAproxy is a high-performance and highly-robust TCP and HTTP load balancer which provides cookie-based persistence, content-based switching, advanced traffic regulation with surge protection, automatic failover, run-time regex-based header control, Web-based reporting, advanced logging to help trouble-shooting buggy applications and/or networks, and a few other features. Its own event-driven state machine achieves 20,000 hits per second and surpasses GigaEthernet? on modern hardware, even with tens of thousands of simultaneous connections.

Release Notes: A number of annoying issues (some old) were fixed. All 1.4 users are encouraged to upgrade. Zero-weight servers won't take requests from the backend queue anymore. A fix for an issue where releasing a server connection would not result in picking a new one from the queue. POST requests smaller than the buffer could sometimes be delayed by 200ms. The TCP segment merging mechanism has been improved to ensure that outgoing segments are always merged even with wrapping chunks.

Release Tags: Maintenance, Major bugfixes License: GPL

+DCACHE DSS 2.1.1 2012-03-28 22:41:37

Project Tags: Clustering/Distributed? Networks

Description: dCache is a distributed storage solution. It organizes storage across computers so the combined storage can be used without the end-users being aware of precisely which computer stores their data; end-users simply see a large amount of storage. Because end-users need not know on which computer their data is stored, their data can be migrated from one computer to another without any interruption of service. This allows dCache storage computers to be taken out of service or additional machines (with additional storage) to be added without interrupting the service the end-users enjoy.

Release Notes: This release adds support for Kerberos for NFSv4, ACL manipulation through NFSv4, NFSv4 referrals, color highlighting in admin service, tab completion in admin service, SSH v2 support in the admin service, a configurable billing format, visualization of billing data, and an NIS plugin for gPlazma 2.

Release Tags: Enhancements, Bugfixes, Stable

+CURA 0.3.4 2012-04-14 18:04:27

Project Tags: Open-Source, Android, Remote Access, Linux, Mobile, Systems Administration

Description: Cura is a mobile phone application based on the Android platform. It is a bundle of remote systems administration tools targeted mainly at sysadmins. When in the hands of a sysadmin, Cura will provide a personal terminal emulator with full Bash (bourne-again shell) capabilities. It allows for adding favorite commands (ssh, top, uname, uptime, cat /proc/cpuinfo, dmidecode, etc.). It gives you access to the most powerful port/vulnerability-scanning and penetration-testing tools (Nessus, Nmap, and Wireshark), a system monitor (graph-based chart) that watches for CPU consumption and memory usage, and a system log viewer that reads logs directly from your server's /var/log/. Geolocation (with the help of Google maps) will be able to extract the location of the server you'll be logged into and display it in key areas where necessary.

Release Notes: The security feature has been enhanced yet again, and now includes email messages. When a user whose phone has been comprised sends an SMS message to said phone, Cura's database will be deleted, and an email will be sent back to whatever email address the user specified in Cura's settings, informing the user of the culprit's location

Release Tags: Security, E-mail, GPS Location License: AGPL v3

+SAGAN 0.2.1

Project Tags: Syslog, windows events, snmp

Description: Sagan can alert you when events are occurring in your syslogs that need your attention right away. It can store events into a Snort database, so your IDS/IPS data and log data are in the same place. This enables a single console, like Snorby or BASE, to view not only your IDS/IPS data but your log (syslog, SNMP, etc.) data as well. Sagan will correlate the data for you. It also uses 'Snort-like' rule sets, which means it is compatible with Snort rule set management software. It supports multiple output formats that any network administrator will find useful. Sagan can also stop threats based on log analysis via "Snortsam". This allows Sagan to communicate with various types of network devices (Cisco routers/ASA/etc., Linux iptables, etc).

Release Notes: This release support Snortsam, a firewall blocking agent for Snort. It can leverage Snortsam to block attacks based on log analysis and normalization. Snortsam currently supports Checkpoint Firewall-1, Cisco PIX/ASA, Cisco routers, Juniper/Netscreen?, ipf/ipfw2 (FreeBSD?), pf (OpenBSD?), ipchains/iptables/ebtables (Linux), Watchguard, 8signs (Windows), and MS ISA Server (Windows). This release adds a new "after" rule option, a new DNS cache system (which shouldn't be used unless 100% necessary), Direct SQL write fixes, and various small bugfixes.

License: GPLv2

+LIBREPLAN 1.2.3 2012-04-22 14:34:32

Project Tags: Planning, Planner, Tool, Scheduling, project management, management, organization, Monitoring, control

Description: LibrePlan? is a Web application for project planning, monitoring, and control. It is a collaborative tool to plan, monitor, and control projects and has a rich Web interface that provides a desktop-like user experience. All the team members can take part in the planning, which makes it possible to have real-time planning. It was designed for a scenario where multiple projects and resources interact to carry out the work inside a company. It makes it possible to communicate with other company tools, providing a wide set of Web services to import and export data.

Release Notes: This release added a money-based cost monitoring system, Polish translation, and other minor enhancements. Database synchronization issues which appeared when changing planning points in the WBS were fixed. Default users -user, wsreader, and wswriter- are now disabled by default. A problem where task duration was not being refreshed properly when doing an allocation and you needed to apply the allocation twice was fixed. A START_IN_FIXED_DATE constraint that caused the project duration to be incorrectly calculated in company view was fixed.

Release Tags: Minor, Stable License: Affero GPLv3

+HTTPBENCH 2012-05-06 12:27:08

Project Tags:

Description: HTTP Bench is a small program to benchmark HTTP servers. This is the current feature set: iterating over a list of URLs; measuring response times and calculating min, max, and average values; measuring TCP/HTTP errors; multi-threaded operation for concurrent connections (using pthreads); setting an upper limit of requests per second; and validation of response strings. The source code is very simple.

Release Notes: This release fixes a bug in parsing HTTP URLs.

License: GPLv3


Project Tags: Filesystems, Distributed Computing, clusters, clouds, grids

Description: Parrot and Chirp are user-level tools that make it easy to rapidly deploy wide area filesystems. Parrot is the client component: it transparently attaches to unmodified applications, and redirects their system calls to various remote servers. A variety of controls can be applied to modify the namespace and resources available to the application. Chirp is the server component: it allows an ordinary user to easily export and share storage across the wide area with a single command. A rich access control system allows users to mix and match multiple authentication types. Parrot and Chirp are most useful in the context of large scale distributed systems such as clusters, clouds, and grids where one may have limited permissions to install software.

Release Notes: This release fixes an issue with getdents on large directories in Parrot, fixes an issue in Parrot with opening the current or parent directory without the O_DIRECTORY flag, and adds support for writing memory mapped files in Parrot.

Release Tags: minor stable License: GPLv2

+GENERIC MAPPING TOOLS 4.5.8 2012-07-29

Project Tags: multimedia, Graphics

Description: Generic Mapping Tools (GMT) is a free, public-domain collection of about 60 UNIX tools that allow users to manipulate (x,y) and (x,y,z) data sets (including filtering, trend fitting, gridding, projecting, etc.) and produce Encapsulated PostScript? File (EPS) illustrations ranging from simple x-y plots through contour maps to artificially illuminated surfaces and 3-D perspective views in black and white, gray tone, hachure patterns, and 24-bit color. GMT supports 25 common map projections plus linear, log, and power scaling, and comes with support data such as coastlines, rivers, and political boundaries.

Release Notes: Bugs were fixed.

Release Tags: Bugfixes, Stable License: GPL


Project Tags: Filesystems

Description: The Parallel Virtual File System is a user-space parallel file system for use on clusters of PCs (and Beowulfs in particular). It provides transparent file striping across multiple machines and includes a loadable kernel module for use with existing binaries. TCP/IP is used for data transmission, and file data is stored on existing file systems on each machine.

Release Notes: This release adds numerous bugfixes and enhancements.

Release Tags: Bugfixes, Enhancements, Stable License: GPL


Project Tags:

Description: Diskless Remote Boot in Linux (DRBL) provides a diskless or systemless environment for client machines. It works on Debian, Mandriva, Red Hat, Fedora, and SuSE?. Unlike LTSP, it uses distributed hardware resources and makes it possible for clients to fully access local hardware. It also includes Clonezilla, a partitioning and disk cloning utility similar to Symantec Ghost.

Release Notes: The underlying GNU/Linux? operating system was upgraded. This release is based on the Debian Sid repository (as of 2012/Aug?/26). DRBL was updated to 2.1.1-drbl1 and Clonezilla was updated to 3.1.1-drbl1. Some minor bugs were fixed.

Release Tags: Minor feature enhancements and bugs fixed

+VTUN 3.0.3

Project Tags: Internet, Networking

Description: VTun is the easiest way to create Virtual Tunnels over TCP/IP networks with traffic shaping, compression, and encryption. It is a user space implementation and doesn't need modification of any kernel parts. VTun supports IP, PPP, SLIP, Ethernet, and other tunnel types. VTun is easily and highly configurable; it can be used for various network tasks like VPN, Mobil IP, Shaped Internet access, Ethernet tunnel, IP address saving, etc.

Release Notes: This release fixes UDP timeouts with keepalive, and various other bugs.

License: GPL


Project Tags: Linux, Compression, volume management, network attached storage, storage, Windows port, Windows support

Description: Opendedup is a project that develops a deduplication based filesystem for Windows and Linux called SDFS. SDFS is designed to support the unique needs of virtual environments and supports enhanced functionality for VMWare, Xen, and KVM. It can deduplicate a petabyte or more of data. It supports over 3TB per gigabyte of memory at a 128k chunk size. It can perform deduplication/reduplication at a line speed of 250 MB/s or more. VMware support: it works with vms, and can deduplicate at 4k block sizes. This is required to deduplicate Virtual Machines effectively Deduplicated data can be stored locally, on the network across multiple nodes, or in the cloud. The filesystem can deduplicate inline or periodically based on needs. This can be changed on the fly. There is support for file or folder level snapshots.

Release Notes: This release adds major enhancements to volume replication.

Release Tags: Major License: GPLv2

+GOW 0.7.0

Project Tags: Utilities, Unix, Windows, Win32

Description: Gow (GNU On Windows) is a lightweight alternative to Cygwin. It uses a convenient Windows installer that installs about 130 extremely useful open source Unix applications compiled as native Win32 binaries. It is designed to be as small as possible, about 10 MB, as opposed to Cygwin which can run well over 100 MB depending upon options.

Release Notes: This release includes a couple minor fixes with a couple of executables (jwhois, tar, etc.) and adds bash.

Release Tags: Stable, Minor License: MIT/X, GPL

+ HDT 0.5.2

Project Tags: Hardware, Detection, Utilities, Systems Administration, tools, Syslinux, HDT

Description: HDT (Hardware Detection Tool) is an OS independent tool that displays low-level information on any x86 compatible system. It detects ACPI, CPU, PCI devices, DMI (memory, BIOS, motherboard, IPMI base board, chassis, batteries, CPU), disks (geometry, partitions), PXE environment, VESA modes, and VPD. It can also deduce the Linux kernel modules needed by a given host.

Release Notes: This release adds a 'silent' option to remove all messages, a 'display' option to show images at explicit times, a 'say' command to display messages at explicit times, a 'postexec' command to execute a Syslinux menu entry after HDT's execution, and a 'dump_filename' option to choose the exported filename with the 'dump' option. Dumping boot flag status and various bugfixes.

Release Tags: Stable License: BSD License, GPL

+ XPLICO 1.0.1 2012-10-31 21:31:15

Project Tags: Networking, Monitoring, Communications, Email, Security, Forensics

Description: Xplico is an IP traffic decoder that extracts data from an Internet traffic capture. From a pcap file, it can extracts each email (POP, IMAP, and SMTP protocols), all HTTP content, VoIP? calls (SIP, RTP, H323, MEGACO, MGCP), IRC, MSN, and so on. It isn't a packet sniffer or a network protocol analyzer, but rather an IP/Internet? traffic decoder or network forensic analysis tool (NFAT).

Release Notes: This release improves performance, adds the new dissector Prism, and has nDPI library integration. The RTP dissector has been improved. IRC dissector improvements. There is a new tool called PCAP2WAV (RTP2WAV) for easily decoding RTP VoIP? calls with the RTAudio (x-msrta) CODEC.

Note: Xplico is integrated in the software tools DEFT

Release Tags: Stable, GUI, cli License: GPLv2

+ INTEL C++ COMPILER 13.0 2012-11-08 08:58:48

Project Tags: Software Development, Debuggers, Compilers

Description: The Intel C++ Compiler for Linux is a full fledged C/C++ compiler and debugger suite. Its aim is to provide outstanding performance for all Intel 32-bit and 64-bit processors, while not requiring the need for porting applications from other compilers. It provides optimization technology, threaded application support, and features to take advantage of Hyper-Threading technology. It is substantially source and object code compatible with GNU C, providing fullest compatibility with GCC and G++ 3.x/4.x both in terms of code and of API. It is thereby also easy to integrate with existing development environments.

Release Notes: Support was added for the latest instructions sets, such as Intel SSE SSE4.2, AVX, AVX 2 and AES instructions as well as Intel Xeon Phi processors. Support for Intel Cilk Plus language extensions was added. C++11 and OpenMP? support was improved. Integration into various IDEs was improved.

Release Tags: Major feature enhancements License: Other


Project Tags: shell, ffmpeg, video converter, Image Conversion, Audio Encoder, scripting, Lua

Description: ZShaolin installs a small and powerful scriptable shell environment on your Android device, without requiring root. It comes with applications to edit images, audio, and video using batch scripts one can write and upload: FFMpeg, ImageMagick?, Sox, Oggz, Lua, GNU awk, sed, grep, Vim, SSH, and rsync. The Z shell comes pre-configured in full ANSI colors, smart completion, error correction and complete documentation, making ZShaolin also suitable for those who would like to learn shell scripting.

Release Notes: This release improves usability, speed, and stability by updating the terminal interface and adding its own keyboard.

The shell environment now includes a Perl interpreter, more manual pages, and a working scp command.

Release Tags: Stable License: GPLv3, MIT/X, BSD Original, GPLv2


Project Tags: Hardware

Description: The PCI Utilities package contains various utilities dealing with the PCI bus, and also a library for portable access to PCI configuration registers. It includes `lspci' for listing all PCI devices (very useful for debugging of both kernel and device drivers) and `setpci' for manual configuration of PCI devices.

Release Notes: This release uses libkmod to look up kernel modules on newer Linux kernels. To facilitate this, libpci is now able to look up module aliases in sysfs. Minor bugs were fixed. The pci.ids file was updated to the latest snapshot.

Release Tags: Minor feature enhancements, Minor bugfixes License: GPL

+SOCAT 2013-05-29 14:34:27

Project Tags: Utilities

Description: Socat is a relay for bidirectional data transfer between two independent data channels. Each of these data channels may be a file, pipe, device (terminal or modem, etc.), socket (Unix, IP4, IP6 - raw, UDP, TCP), SSL, a client for SOCKS4, or proxy CONNECT. It supports broadcasts and multicasts, abstract Unix sockets, Linux tun/tap, GNU readline, and PTYs. It provides forking, logging, and dumping and different modes for interprocess communication. Many options are available for tuning socat and its channels. Socat can be used, for example, as a TCP relay (one-shot or daemon), as a daemon-based socksifier, as a shell interface to Unix sockets, as an IP6 relay, or for redirecting TCP-oriented programs to a serial line.

Release Notes: This release fixes a security issue: Under certain circumstances, an FD leak occurs and may be misused for denial-of-service attacks against socat running in server mode (CVE-2013-3571)

Release Tags: Security License: GPL


Project Tags: NoSQL?, Database, Document Repositories, GraphDB?, graph database

Description: OrientDB? is a NoSQL? DBMS which can store 150,000 documents per second on common hardware. Even with a document-based database, the relationships are managed as in graph databases, with direct connections among records. You can traverse entire or parts of trees and graphs of records in a few milliseconds. It supports schema-less, schema-full, and schema-mixed modes, has a strong security profiling system based on users and roles, and supports SQL between the query languages. Thanks to the SQL layer, it's straightforward to use for people skilled in the relational world.

Release Notes: This release adds bugfixes.

License: Apache 2.0


Project Tags: USB, Sharing, Remote Access, Network, lan, Internet

Description: USB Network Gate (former USB to Ethernet Connector) easily connects one or more remote USB devices to your computer over Ethernet (Internet/LAN/WAN) as if the device was plugged into your own machine. It helps you share a USB device over Ethernet among multiple computers so people from all over the world (or your office) can use it. By intercepting the USB port activity of a shared USB device and redirecting it via TCP/IP,USB Network Gate lets you access your printer, scanner, Web cam, USB dongle, or any other supported USB device from your home PC or office laptop. Just plug the device in and it will automatically appear on the remote side of the connection. You can secure your USB data by enabling traffic encryption and access your USB devices remotely via WiFi?.

Release Notes: The server part of USB Network Gate is now reimplemented fully in userspace using usbfs. USB Network Gate daemon can be launched without kernel module loading (important for ARM boards, mobile phones, etc.). Since all the code now operates in userspace, code running and debugging have been greatly simplified. This release adds network traffic compression to speed up interaction with the device. A network latency issue was fixed for USB Wi-Fi and network adapters, etc.

Release Tags: USB, share, Network, Ethernet, ip, device, lan License: Shareware


Project Tags: multimedia, Sound/Audio?, CD Audio, CD Ripping, Conversion

Description: Perl Audio Converter is a tool for converting multiple audio types from one format to another.

It supports the following audio formats:


It can also extract audio from the following video extensions:


Parallel Processing, a CD ripping function with CDDB support, batch conversion, tag preservation for most supported formats, independent tag reading and writing, service menus for KDE Dolphin/Konqueror?, a Gnome Nautilus script, and action scripts for Nemo/Thunar? are also provided.

Release Notes: This stable release adds minor code optimizations/changes, an updated README program description, fixes for amr encoding, fixes for mmf, ra, wma, and other codecs supported by ffmpeg, and support for a few obscure audio formats supported by sox/sndfile-convert, including rf64 (sndfile), 8svx, amb, dat, dvms, f32, f64, fssd, gsrt, hcom, and txw.

Release Tags: stable major cli License: GPLv3

+PMBW 0.6.2

Project Tags: Benchmark, Bandwidth, RAM Speed

Description: pmbw is a set of assembler routines to measure the parallel memory (cache and RAM) bandwidth of modern multi-core machines. Memory bandwidth is one of the key performance factors of any computer system. Today, measuring the memory performance often gives a more realistic view of the overall speed of a machine than pure arithmetic or floating-point benchmarks. pmbw contains a set of very basic functions which are all hand-coded in assembler to avoid any compiler optimizations. These basic functions are modeled after the basic inner loops found in any data processing, sequential scanning and pure random access. Any application will have a memory access pattern which is somewhere between these two extremes. The current version of pmbw supports benchmarking 16-, 32-, 64-, 128-, or 256-bit memory transfers on x86_32-bit, x86_64-bit, and ARMv6 systems.

Release Notes: Fixes memory tests on ARM. Changes the options -s and -S to give range of array size.

Release Tags: Stable License: GPLv3

+OPENDEDUP 2.0 BETA 2 2014-01-18 11:19:31

Project Tags: Linux, Compression, volume management, network attached storage, storage, Windows port, Windows support

Description: Opendedup is a project that develops a deduplication based filesystem called SDFS. SDFS is a distributed and expandable filesystem designed to provide inline deduplication and flexiblity for applications. It benefits services such as backup, archiving, NAS storage, and Virtual Machine primary and secondary storage, and can be deployed in both a stand alone and distributed, multi node configuration. Standalone, it provides inline deduplication, replication, and unlimited snapshot capabilities. In a multi-node configuration, it adds global intra-volume deduplication, block storage redundancy, and block storage expandability. and will store and share unique data blocks with other volumes within the cluster. These volumes can also specify a level of redundancy for data stored in the cluster.

Release Notes: A deduplicated virtual volume manager was added. Opendedup can now run as a virtual block device and dedup any filesystem on top of it. EXT4, btrfs, and OCFS2 were tested for validation and QA. All perform and function as if they are running on block device. odvol.make, odvol.start, and odvol.cli were updated with details, and a quick start guide is now available.

Release Tags: Major License: GPLv2


Project Tags: Communications, Information Management, Issue Tracking, Records Management, Workflow Frameworks, Office/Business?

Description: Freehelpdesk is feature-rich help desk system designed from the ground up to meet the demands of help desk staff and their users. It is a Web-based system that can accept new calls from your users directly into the system. Calls can be tracked and searched to enable faster response times.

Release Notes: Many small bugfixes. A fix for the forgot password function. Many validation updates and minor tweaks.

Release Tags: Minor bugfixes License: GPL

+ISO MASTER 1.3.11

Project Tags: Archiving, Packaging, backup, Desktop Environment, File Managers, Utilities, Filesystems

Description: ISO Master is an easy to use GUI CD image editor for Linux, BSD, and Windows. Basically, you can use this program to extract files from an ISO, add files to an ISO, and create bootable ISOs, all in a graphical user interface. It can open both ISO and NRG files, but can only save as ISO. It is based on bkisofs, a library for reading, modifying, and writing ISO images.

Release Notes: This release fixes Cygwin builds,

adds Bengali and Galician translations,

updates the Finnish translation,

and should work better with bigger-than-normal boot records now.

License: GPL

+Boltons python libs

Plein de biblios Python (qui devraient etre installees en standard)