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Luthier Breton
Buckeye bridges
Sweet spot of the bridges

Old Time Banjo : resources Web !!

Banjo tabs
Rocket Science Banjo
Alan Julich banjo tutorials
Old time fiddle tune (>700 tunes) w/ scores and mp3
Old recordings of Chancey brothers, Gilmer County, Georgia
Backing tracks old time, bluegrass, slow jam, slowdowner, etc.
Scores: old-time, reels, carola, marches, jigs ..
Original tune w/ guitar tab and music scores.
Banjo lessons, Old time fiddle videos
Old time tune played by others
Old time fiddle tunes score
Metronome configurable
Old time concerts & interviews
Tom Joad site
Banjo tabs from Janet Burton
Testing wood tonerings
Janet Burton site [musics, tabs, docs, TOTW, ..]
Banjo video courses w/tabs
Banjo background tracks a lot of (not free)
Banjo luthier test of wood tone rings
1600 old time lyrics [lyrics are sung]
Jeff Norman blog [tips/tutos, tabs, videos reviews]
video basic Bum-di-ty strum
Erich Schroeder aka vrteach banjo web site
John Balch banjo tabs
Deroll Adams 2 finfer picking technique & tabs
Database of tunes w/ videos
Hilary Burhans video banjo tutorials
Chip Arnold web site
2 fingers technique & tabs
Jeff Norman banjo blog [tutos, banjo tests, ..] 2016-08-16 17:15:57
Anita Kermode list of banjo tunings
Dwight Diller tutorial recordings
All records of Dwight Diller
Denid Havlena music instruments
disques à écouter ou à acheter (banjo, old time, country, ..)
Chord chart at Carl Baron's home page
The Clawhammer Core Repertoire Series from Josh Turknet [music with tabs]
Old time songs with lyrics and sound clips
Banjo chord generator (end guitar and mandoline too)
Tabs and MP3 from the Osarks
Tater Joe old time music and banjo tabs
Andrew Alexis Banjo page and tabs
Zepp video improve your style
Zepp music MP3s banjo comparison
Zepp music some tabs (tef)
mainly Irish midi and sheets
Hill Coutry Tunes : 95 scores of tunes [Sarah Armstrong]
Collecting music & Alan Lomax Reordings blues, folk, etc.
The music page [tabs from BNL]
Many LPs fol, blues, banjo, guitar, ..
Lots of old time & Celtic Midi music
Old Folkways anthologies (blues, folk, ..)
Some more banjo tabs
Tunes for clawhammer banjo [tabs]
ABC tune finder
old and rare LPs of banjo/guitar/fdle
films sur oldtime banjers, old bluesmen, etc.
The old time jam machine
Jim Pankey site [tabs, mp3]
Tune of The Day Blog
Zepp music MP3s,
Bart Veerman banjo tabs
ABC tune search
Thumb-lead banjo [mp3 and tabs]
Traditionanl music library
Irish tunes [midi]
Old Irish tubes in ABC notation
Old time fiddle tunes
Uncle Ben's Tablature
Banjo Techniques
Lyle Koenisberg
Cathy Moore site Getting drive with Liza Jane
Banjo Hangout forum :
Tom Joad tablatures
Old Time Banjo tabs
Mike Iverson tabs

And Bluegrass Banjo, 3 fingers Banjo !

Lots of bluegrass samples and tunes
Lots of bluegrass tabs and videos
Bluegrass Banjo tabs [and accordion and other instruments]
Bluegrass Banjo tabs (and guitar and mandoline too !)
Another Bluegrass banjo tabs site
Don Borchelt blues for banjo in ADF#AD
3finger and CH tablatures