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Difference (entre la révision 323 et la révision actuelle)) (modification mineure)
(les révisions sont identiques, ou indisponibles)

Liens divers Computing maj 2015-01-22 16:21:44

Dans chaque paragraphe, les liens les plus récents sont en début de liste.

+Achat Ordinateur, Hardware, CPU perf
EspoTek? Labrador cheap scope, generator, analyser [Hard and soft]
CPU benchmarks [and video, RAM, etc..]
modern microprocessors architecture
2017-10-05 19:48:31 Best HD, Best SD, Best CPU, best NoteBook?, etc.
PC et PC portables sous Linux
Rue du commerce
Gros Bill Micro
Top Achat
+Editing HTML & CSS
CSS effects [underline, buttons, loaders, ..]
Conference CSS [filtres SVG, fontes variables, ..]
Superb image in pure CSS
Bootsrap is a toll to biold responsive web apps.
Another page of CSS tricks
CSS without Javascript
Test du HTML5 sur mon navigateur browser/OS
Thimble to create web pages online
Mozilla developper demos [CSS, SVG, Canvas,..]
Reference du DOM et exemples [chez Mozilla]
ISH a tool to test responsive web sites
Yeoman + Cowboy = Saloon to develop Web Sites
blur image sides online [bordure floue]
Editing tools: Zepto (pour remplacer jQuery), Mustache (templating en javascript), Pure librairie CSS).
Color Wheel to design graphic chart at Adobe
Hotsource HTML help
Writing efficient CSS [CSS specificity]:
Macaw : un outil de design Web [a venir..]

 Les tableaux sont assez chiants à présenter sur un petit écran : 
 les cellules étant en fait souvent bien trop petits pour en mettre 4 ou 5  côte à côte. 
 Voici une astuce CSS pour linéariser un tableau à une seule entrée :

 table, tbody { display: block; }
 tr { display: table; }
 td { display: table-row; }

 #### CGI push ###
 #!/usr/local/bin/perl -w
 use CGI::Push qw(:standard :html3);


 sub draw_time {
    my $time = `/bin/date`;
    return start_html('Tick Tock'),
	    h1('Virtual Clock'),
	a({-href=>'index.html'},'More examples'),

CSS applied to forms
CSS responsive design [media-query, CSS ]
W3school CSS, HTML, HTML5, examples
CSS3 box drop shadow generator
HTML 5 features [prefetch, prerender, datalist, ..]
Guides, scripts and tools [Web and mobiles] HTML 5, JavaScript?, PHP, Node.js
CSS 5 online generators [buttons, borders, icons]
CSS responsive design [html sur smartphone & tablette]
d3.js library to visualize data
Presentation avec CSSS
Presentation avec impress.js
Presentation avec reveal.js
Presentation en HTML5 avec htmlslides
CSS Flexible box tutorial with Mozilla
CSS flexbox demo
W3C flexible box
CSS3 exemples/tutos and HTML5
CSS3 Can use CSS, HTML5, etc. functions in browsers ?
CSS3 cross browser generator : tester en ligne
HTML timing, SMIL
Corriger les bugs de IE6
CSS sprites to enhance html load time
CSS, DOM, RSS, Position div, etc.
CSS Nice forms
Positionnement des balises HTML
CSS to create pages
CSS Float tutorial
OO JavasScript? library
CSS Lists
CSS et div pour la mise en page
CSS library Dynamic Drive
CSS tutorial
+FreeBSD? OpenBSD?
+Graphic free tools
How to replace GIF to AV1 video [smaller and better videos]
2018-11-16 14:39:17 Bitmap & timemap automatic generation
Online Image Editor [psd, xcf, jpg, ..]
Free transparent PNG pictures
Inline Vector graphic drawing application [exports PNG, SVG, JPEG]
Giftext GIF online editor (add text, etc.)
gifcam transfroms video in animated GIF (doesn't works with VLC)
print an animated gif as a flipbook
Make a poster wide with a simple picture (up to 1.5 x 2 meters)
Selecteur interactif de couleur Web
Roue chromatique Adobe,0.2784313725490196,0.008639203756774672,0.4485535528498733,0.5255175434137103,1,0.7954910108119455,1,0.648871705463981,0.8,0.5339909859794129,0.43909736437118485,0.7,0.3129423134043374,0.17486689596933913&swatchOrder=0,1,2,3,4
Photography workflow application & image processing [linux & windows]
GMIC image filters online
+Javascript & AJAX
Cours tutorial video Javascript
Comparison of React, JQuery, Angular
Comparison of JavaScript? charting frameworks
Javascript tutorial
Constraint-Based Layout in the Browser with a Javascript library
audio MP3 and video reader for browser HTML5
drag and drop files to the web
database of Javascript libraries
D3 Data Driven Documents [and CSS]
JavaScript? FAQs and tips
Taille de la fenêtre
Menu flottant en JavaScript?:
DHTML Scripts [and AJAX]
AJAX Scripts
Javascript, DHTML & AJAX scripts
LDAP V2.4 admin guide
LDAP server on Debian Squeeze (voir aussi LDAP provder et consumer sur ce site)

Articles about LDAP authentication with LDAP

LDAP Admin toolbox
Authentification Linux avec LDAP article Linux mag.
Linux auth. usinsg LDAP Part I
Linux auth. usinsg LDAP Part II
Security with LDAP
Vincent Danen Using LDAP for user authentication
Instructions for authentication under Linux (PAM + LDAP)
LDAP authentication under Solaris, Irix, Linux, etc.
LDAP migration tools
LDAP Authentication by Marshall
Sendmail with LDAP, TLS & AUTH
+Misc RAM, Firefox,
+SDRAM DDR3 etc.

Voir aussi et

Les connecteurs DDR2, DDR3, DDR4 :

  • DDR3 ou PC3 1,5v
  • DDR3L ou PC3L 1,35v
  • DDR3U ou PC3U 1,25v

Type Cadence Puce Bande passante
PC3-6400 400Mhz DDR3-800 6,4 Go/s
PC3-8500 533 MHz DDR3-1066 8,53 Go/s.
PC3-10600 67 MHz DDR3-1333 10,66 Go/s
PC3-12800 800 MHz DDR3-1600 12,8 Go/s.
PC3-14900 933 MHz DDR3-1866 14,9 Go/s
PC3-17000 1066 MHz DR3-2133 17,0 Go/s.
PC3-18952 1466 MHz DDR3-2599 20,0 Go/s.

Brendan Gregg home page perf, CPU analysis, flame graphs, tcplife, etc.
How to get scientific papers and avoid paywalls with sci-hub [eg: papers from ACM] or or
2019-02-10 15:48:00 Download Firefox [ftp site, all releases]
about:config settings to harden the Firefox browser. Privacy and performance enhancements
Firefox Debugger in Firefox Developer Edition
Firefox snapshop a whole page : Shift-F2, then type screenshot --fullpage capture.png
Firefox plugin to click ads ad-nauseam
Firefox use-after-free vulnerabilities
aspirer un site avec Firefox scrapbook module
to find who tracks you with fiddle (http analysis)
install firefox uBlock Origin instead
Disable silent request when hovering a link about:config network.http.speculative-parallel-limit = 0
other tips to diconnected Firefox auto connections
tracking protection in about:config, select privacy.trackingprotection.enabled.
Firefox et URLs malveillantes La version actuelle de Firefox vous protège déjà des URLs malveillantes en allant consulter les API de Google (oui, pas terrible pour la vie privée, hein ? Mais vous pouvez changer ça en altérant la valeur de browser.safebrowsing.enabled dans about:config). La version de Firefox qui sortira en septembre vous protègera contre les *fichiers* malveillants... encore une fois en allant questionner les API Google. Donc Google sera au courant de tous les exécutables non signés que vous allez télécharger ? Est-ce encore une bonne idée d'échanger de la vie privée contre de la sécurité ? (EDIT: la valeur de config semble déjà présente dans Firefox: browser.safebrowsing.malware.enabled)
Firefox security and privacy configuration

Putty, unix tools, algorithms
Free and secure email providers [TutaNota?, Protonmail, ..]
Google commands [intext: inurl: ..]
your own grooveshark my music everywhere
your own multimedia server mediagoblin
Many sysadmin scripts, tricks, tips, etc. - say it with software art!
service manuels démontage portables hardware
MPLayer & MENcode transformation de formats video (Windows, Linux)
Admin Magazine [all OS]
Blog Philippe Pepiot [FreeBSD?, NonaoBSD?, GRE, WMFS, ..]
Free Online Ghost to clone PCs
Solaris tips
Sparc Station 5 technology
Ultimate CD [hard disk tests]
RDF primer
+Misc Network
Blog, tools, TCP captures, Cheat Sheets
Free book [html, PDF] about Computer Networking [ISO layers, Protocols, etc.]
TCPDump syntax helper
comparaison test de boitiers CPL

+Telephonie mobile, antennes, débits

Standard Génération Bande de fréquence Debit théorique - réel
GSM 2G Permet le transfert de voix ou
de données numériques
defaiblevolume. 9,6Kb/s - 9,6 Kb/s
GPRS 2.5G Permet le transfert de voix
ou de données numériques de
volume modéré. 21,4-171,2 Kb/s - 48 Kb/s
EDGE 2.75G Permet le transfert simultanés
de voix et de données
numériques. 43,2-345,6 Kb/s - 171 kb/s
UMTS 3G Permet le transfert simultanés
de voix et de données
numériques à haut débit. 144 Kb/s à 2 Mb/s - 384 Kb/s
LTE 4G Données et voix 150 Mb/s - 40Mb/s
LTE Advanced 4G 4G+ Données et voix 1 Gb/s à l'arrêt /100 Mb/s mouvement
LTE A 4.5G "" 3 Gb/s à l'arrêt
LTE B 5G "" 50 Gb/s à l'arrêt

Installer un Transfert de fichiers avec ZendTo? [à la Dropbox]
La carte des antennes des opérateurs
Les fréquences et les bandes

List of devices bandwidth [LAN, WAN, Telephony, RAM, PC Buses..]
VLAN tips

  • un switch a pour but de séparer les domaines de collision
  • un vlan a pour but de séparer les domaines de broadcast

TP VLAN tagged untagged, etc., ce qui engage la discussion suivante [Dans VLAN fr.comp.reseaux.ethernet]. Ou l'on parle des tags ajoutées/enlevés par un routeur sur des trames VLANs.

Autre forum, autre discussion : wrote:
 > Hi there,
 > I have created two VLANs succeffully.
 > My aim is for them to share a common port, to which the internet router
 > is plugged into.
 > That way, although users in seperate VLANs cannot communicate with each
 > other, they can route traffic to the internet via the same default
 > gateway.
 > In VLAN A, a DHCP Server exists. In VLAN B, only three machines exist.
 > I have given machines in VLAN B static IP Addresses in the same subnet
 > as in VLAN A (outside the scope of the DHCP) so that they can use the
 > same default gateway address. 
 > I have tried to set the port status on one and then both VLANs to
 > tagged, however as soon as I do this, I can't ping the router or the
 > internet from either.
 > Am I doing something wrong?

In most routers you cannot have the same subnet address configured on multiple VLANs. I would be very surprised if your default gateway allows you to do something like that. With your current configuration, it appears that traffic coming back from the router will always be classified as being on only one VLAN, either because you have tagging on and router will put on the tag, or you don't have tagging and the incoming port on the switch always classifies the frame as being on the PVID. The simplest way to fix this would be to have 2 subnets (i.e. different interface addresses) for VLAN A and VLAN B on the router, assuming it does VLANs. If it doesn't do VLANs, then you will need to have 2 separate ports on the router, one in VLAN A and one in VLAN B, each configured with the default gateway address to be used for that VLAN. And you would then need to find a way to prevent routing between those VLANs if you don't want the hosts in VLAN A to communicate with the hosts in LANB even via routing.


Perl program to list VLANS;
HP Static VLAN 2800 2600 series
Linux 802.1q defining a common router
Linux 802.1d idem ci-dessus
Linux and 802.1q VLAN
VLANs o Linux intro to VLAN and VLAN Trunking, virtual interface config, firewall config,
2 parts VLAN Tutorial [Part 1] and [Part 2]. This articles explains the path followed by tagged and untagged data frames in a mutiswitch VLAN environment.

  • Note: Data frames that are tagged with VID 0 are known as priority-tagged data frames
  • PVID and Data Flows: In a VBridge, every data frame received on a port is associated with a unique VLAN to enable further processing and forwarding. In case of tagged data frames, the associated VLAN is determined from the VLAN tag. In the case of untagged data frames, the associated VLAN equals the permanent VLAN identifier (PVID) associated with the received port.
  • GMRP Garp Multicast Registration Protocol
  • GVRP Garp VLAN Registration Protocol. GVRP enables VLAN bridges to dynamically learn their VLAN memberships.
  • GARP Generic Attribute Registration Protocol
  • Data frame's associated VID is either based on the tag or based the port's PVID.
  • PPV Port and Protocol based VLAN
  • PPV classification can only be applied to untagged data frames or to priority tagged frames after the removal of the priority tag.
  • VPLS Virtual Private Lan Services
  • GARP messages are sent to special multicast MAC addresses: GMRP 01:80:c2:00:00:20 and GVRP 01:80:c2:00:00:21

2007-02-05 22:56:17 --Cmic

NetworkMiner? a network analysis tool
Get all IP range(s) for an AS number or a TCP/IP number :

Get the AS number of a host
 #whois -h
 descr:          Smile 1 Route
 origin:         AS197455
 mnt-by:         IELO-MNT
 mnt-by:         MNT-SMILE
 changed: 20000101
 source:         RIPE
 remarks:        ****************************
 remarks:        * THIS OBJECT IS MODIFIED
 remarks:        * Please note that all data that is generally regarded as personal
 remarks:        * data has been removed from this object.
 remarks:        * To view the original object, please query the RIPE Database at:
 remarks:        *
 remarks:        ****************************

And then get all IP ranges for AS197455
 #whois -h '\!gAS197455'

NB : 4B/5B augmente la fréquence (125Mhz pour 100Mb/s) mais compensation avec MLT-3

categories de cable bande passante encodage fréquence résultante débit maximum
cat 5 100Mhz codage 4B/5B puis MLT-3 31,25MHZ max 1Gb/s sur 100m
cat 5e 155Mhz codage 4B/5B puis MLT-3 31,25MHZ max 1Gb/s sur 100m
cat 6 250Mhz codage 8B/10B puis PAM-5 125Mhz max 1Gb/s sur 100m
cat 6a 500Mhz codage 8B/10B puis PAM-5 125Mhz max 10Gb/s sur 100m
cat 7 600Mhz 10Gb/s

See also List of devices bit rates [net, telephony, RAM, PC Buses, ..]

VPN gratuit, communautaire, open source
VPN payants mais libres 2015-10-19 19:46:51
install OpenVPN? server and client tuto
install Debian OpenVPN?
VPN associatif a 2 euros/mois
Another OpenVPN? install
VPN OpenVPN? sous Linux et client Win & Linux
HTTP HTTPS proxy for traffic recording/debugging
Statistiques frequentation site web google analytics
sockperf [better than iperf] network testing
cables sous-marins [update 2018]
cables sous-marins greg map
Logiciels Télémaintenance gratuits
DW service (cf sebsauvage)
Mikogo [Web conferencing, on line demo, remote support]
SIP protocol internals and examples
Zero conf address 169.254/16 [RFC 3927]
EBtables and bridging
MSS MTU and all that at Cisco's
SSH over/thru http proxy
TCP Trace tool
SSH forwarding thru a proxy
VLANs document
Apache 2 and WEB DAV
Redundancy with CARP and PFSYNC
VRRP, UCARP, Heartbeat comparisons
Exposes Nouvelles Technologies Réseau [ADSL, Firewall, IDS, LDAP, SAN, Technique Intrusion, ..]
Apache Tomcat Connector (mod_jk)
TCP/IP and IMS sequence diagrams
SSH forward tips
SSH port forwarding
Article "Les VLAN"
Path MTU dicovery and others Orginal by V.Jacobson
X server in browser thru Java
Socket Server [socket 5]
Network tutorials [in french ADSL, Iptables, NAT, tunneling, ..]
Tout sur les trames IP , outils analyse
Colas Nahaboo X11 and 3 buttons mouse
Stokely computing [Unix tools]
RRD tool
Cricket, bar/pie chart display
TCPtune [win9x only]
PSGML [GNU Emacs for SGML]
The SPEC site
Midgard [Web content management]
Intel Infiniband Architecture
Dun Bigadmin portal
Iperf network measuring tool
Real VNC
Charles Spurgeon Ethernet site
Wireshark tutorial
Unix terminal server client
Rich Sifert about VLAN [news article] : Article]
The Proxomitron web filtering proxy
OpenBrick? embedded linux framework
Share kbd and mouse w/TCP/IP
UDP cast
A 1GB Cross-over cable
+Other OSs
+Perl and Perl 6
Voir PerlDocs
+Raspberry Arduino Odroid Hacking Harware
MODEP sound effects for Raspberry Pi
Reconnaissance d'objet aavec OpenCV? et Raspberry
Teensy boards (really small)
2018-11-16 14:18:58 Arduino & Raspberry & Soldering irons & Mini oscilloscope
Single Board Computer Database [Raspberry, Arduino, Banana, ...]
Exen mini (15x15x4 mmm)Arduino compatible
Alim secourue pour Raspberry pi
Testing 21 cheap microcontrollers
Video surveillance & alerte e-mail
Nano Pi Neo PLus 2
Créer un hotspot WiFi? sur Raspberry
Creer un serveer OpenVPN? avec Raspberry
boutique fournitures arduino, rapsberry, etc.
Piratebox et autres hacks
Hacking Arduino, consoles, CPU, etc.
Hacking soft, hard
Raspberry OS on a x86 PC [very light OS]
Pi-top Ceed raspberry based PC with screen
une carte pour raspberry avec plein de capteurs
Berryboot to install OS on a HD
FreeBSD? on Raspberry
Omega component w/ Linux and WiFi? on a stamp ch
Odroid boards 2 distributors : and
make a handheld Linux terminal/computer with a Raspberry 2
PIC32-RetroBSD? board and OS
Arduino & Raspberry kits/applications DIY
gEDA Electronic Design Automation
A useless Box in Arduino
great hacking site [hard or soft]
Fubarino dc development board [cf arduino]
Electronics soldering SMC, arduino & rapsberry harware & software
Airboard : micro Arduino compatible 2015-01-22 14:01:06
hardware for Raspberry & Arduino & Tutorials
Home video alarm system with Raspberry
FreeBSD? developer's notebook, FreeBSD? on Raspberry
+RFID etc
Intro to Samba for network security analysts
Samba configuration docs
Misc Howto articles Samba, Tcpdump, Windows :
Samba 3 as a PDC (2 articles)
Setting up Samba to use an NT PDC for authentication
Samba site
+Security and Hacks
IMAP share folders
Courrier IMAP
La liste LDAP a CRU [archives de discssions]
Claus Assman at
Highly Scalable Electronic Mail Service using Open Services
+Unix Linux
c'est la : ComputingUnixLinux
+Video conf & Chat
2019-02-22 10:26:13 Et aussi Framatalk
WebRTC? Video Chat and conferencing w/o inscription/install
Ring chat/voip/visio and privacy
WebRTC? visio conf for firefox
WebRTC? site [docs, examples, ..]
WebRTC? Chat
WebRTC? talky, visio conf for firefox
Sharing terminals with Nutty [based]
+Wifi speed & hotspots
+Wifi speeds
Standard Theoretical Actual New name
802.11b 11 Mbps 5.5 Mbps wifi 2
802.11a 54 Mbps 20 Mbps wifi 1
802.11g 54 Mbps 20 Mbps wifi 3
802.11n 600 Mbps 100 Mbps wifi 4
802.11ac 1,300 Mbps 200 Mbps wifi 5
802.11ax 910 Mbps ?? wifi 6

bascule switch wifi ethernet
Antenne Wifi ricore
Wireless Linux Compatibility chart
Linux and Wireless LAN
Interfaces WiFi? compatibles Linux
Connecting a WRT54GL as an 802.1x client
OpenWRT Firmware
ChilliSpot hotspot for Linux
Complete hotspot solution
Wifi Dog hotspot solution